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nickname = Jee-Hann
status = 24, male, single
birth date = 23rd August
soul food = chicken noodle with hot peppers, Tabasco
race = Asian
personality = outgoing, playful, sarcastic, kinda lazy, liberal, ambitious,
a dreamer, selfish, loyal. He knows that he's stupid, so he try to learn something which he can't do. He is a self-learner, has a few and select friends and currently single
He is a designer and not a coder. He plays 1st person shooter games, reads novel by J.K.Rowling and Sydney Sheldon, sometimes draws in his computer using Photoshop CS
things that makes him happy = cute and tall girls, Oreo cookies, The Simpson, Smallville, Roswell series, Jet-Lee's movies, Broadband ISP, Tae Kwon-Do, Voice Recognition Software, electronic gadgets, new Athlon PC
dislike = noisy girls, religious fanatics, gays, being underestimate and idiot humans.

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01.28.05 (10:10 pm)   [edit]

I've been moved to Blogspot since Januari, 2005. Please visit me there... Cya guys..!


06.27.04 (5:59 am)   [edit]
I'll go to another city to visit my relatives for half of month... and maybe I'll not be able to online for a while... But there is a dial up internet connection in my relatives house but Im not quite sure they'll permit me to use it... I feel tired now because I was packing my stuff from the morning until this evening... packing my stuff? yeah, I just moved to a new dorm today...I think my new dorm better than the previous one... but my new room is smaller... Well I think its enough for a tall body like me... :P

The good news is my relatives will pay all my needs when Im in their house... did u know, I really poor right now... and It's not a bullshit.. It's real so this is a gift from God I think that I can go to their house without paying anything... They're rich so I hope I can use their dial up internet so I can do online again in that city....see you...! :P :P :P :P

06.25.04 (6:44 am)   [edit]
Is it a normal If u angry because of u r busy or underpressure? I just asking u guys..... I want to know it and it's not about me but sumbody else....

this is a story about a young boy. He works in a lil office. Everyday he goes to that office in the morning and go home in the evening.... just an ordinary life....
But he can't manage his anger..... he always angry if someone push him to do better..... especialy his BoZZ....and even something silly can make him mad......

so what do u think.. is it a normal? because Im not working in the office.. no no no... I'll work in the office but I'll be the owner of that office.....

see you guys... gimme some comments here.....

06.24.04 (6:31 am)   [edit]
Spending the whole day on my dorm… Ahh.. What a day is it? I read many book today like Les Giblin’s “The Art of Dealing with People” and some Dale Carnegie’s books. I finished watching “The Simpson: all seasons”... So fun…! Although I don’t have enough money to go hangout with some friends but I’m happy with myself…. Yup! You must happy with yourself if you want to live happily in this world. Your friends and money can’t give you happiness. Only if you happy with yourself then you’ll feel happy with your life... 8)

06.23.04 (6:24 am)   [edit]
Happy, proud and sad.. mixed together.... thats what I feel when I came to international high school graduation last nite. They will leaving this country soon so I'll not able to meet them for years.... :cry:

But forget it for a while... today I wan't to watch some movies on my DVD.... such as :
"My Sassy Girl" --- thats Korean comedy movie...
"Troy" --- u know this movie, right??
"JAV HENTAI" --- wow... I become naughty boy these day... huahahaa... so horny..!!! *joke :wink:

I'll add my movie review about "Troy" next time.... but hey dude, I will not add my movie review about the hentai...! :P Well I just want to spend my holiday..... I dont have enough money to go hangout or play pool.... so I spend the whole day at my dorm...... see you soon... I'll tell u sumthing next time...

I met a cute girl at the graduation nite..... to be continue!!!

3000th VISITORS TODAY.... YIPIE.....!!!
06.20.04 (8:12 am)   [edit]
New colour for my blog.... And I have 3000th visitors today... Yipie.......................................!!!!!!!!!!!!
:P :P :P :P :P :P

06.18.04 (7:13 am)   [edit]
I just try to be patience today... which is uneasy for me! Today, I went to hospital to check my eyes conditions.... But I was wait there for about 3 hours.....

And then I went home to my house... I was help my brother in his shop.... but he was angry to me for no reasons.... And then in the evening I went home to my dorm.... I met with several dorm friends who always disturb me.....
Ahhh... what happen with this society?
For my brother, Yeah I think He is working under pressure... so he becomes very easy to get mad....

There is a good news from the hospital.... My eyes conditions is okay... But the doctors said I have to relax a lot and enough sleep... They gave me some medicine to heal the pain in my eyes.....

I scared with a light flashing on my right eye.... Am I one of the mutans member? Am I member of X-Men? I mean Cyclops?? :P :P

Okay, I'll get some sleep tonight.. see you guys.. and thx for those who always reads my blogs..... :oops: :oops:

06.17.04 (8:59 am)   [edit]
I just cleaning my room today.... place some new posters on the wall and try to forget all the obstacles for a while... I chat with my friend from Taiwan on MSN Messenger today.... She said that she is soo lonely in Taiwan but she enjoys her loneliness.... and she'll very busy for the next two or three weeks.... She becomes enjoy her solitary life.... She said to me that everybody will not able to contact her again for the next two years..... She want to remain unsocialize, solitary but the good news is that she wants to be a totally new person....... and she will go to this town at the end of this year.. but she'll not tell everyone about this...
I dunknow why???? Its a mystery.........

When she was in this city, she always go hangout and play everyday... There is no day without hanging around with friends.... But now :wink: She is different.... And She'll be the changed person two years from now...

Well, I haven't go to hospital today... but I'll go there tomorrow... I just thinking If I go to hospital now... I'll spend a lot of money.... So I'll wait until tomorrow when my parents send me more money for me..... Did u know? I lived independently in this town far away from my parents.....About my eyes... maybe its just a consequences of wearing contact lenses.... I dunknow... the doctors will tell about it tomorrow...

06.16.04 (10:17 am)   [edit]
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Im afraid of getting blind...... There a light flashing on my right eye and then my left eye becomes double sighted..... What happen in my life.... Am I doing something wrong in my past life.... Is [i]Karma[/i] take a part in Christianity... so maybe I was doing sumthing cruel in my previous life and then for the result, God gives this disease to me now.....

I dont know what to do.... :?
Tomorrow I'll go to hospital and I hope the doctors can do sumthing to me... I need their help...... I'm so sad... I can hide this and pretend as if its never happen in my life... because everyday..ah no not everyday but every hour, I can see my vision getting worse....... Sumtime I just cry to God so He can help me quit from this situation.. and even my friend made it worse...... He punched my eyes just for fun.. "STUPID" (BUT HE STILL THINKS THAT HE IS THE SMART ONE) I DONT GET IT....!!! :(

He think that it was fun... but actually not fun at all..... He didn't understand me... yaaa nobody can't clearly understand others and I don't want their understanding..... I just need some miracle... a miracle that ONE DAY I CAN SEE CLEARLY AGAIN............GOD PLEASE HELP ME..............!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

06.15.04 (5:19 am)   [edit]
Jakarta music lover have disappointed about the cancellation of Missy Elliot concert in Jakarta. But they were satisfied with Linkin Park’s Meteora World Tour 2004 performance two days ago. Six members of this modern rock music group are Mike Kenji Shinoda and Chester Bennington (vocal), DJ Joe Hahn (DJ mixer), Rob Bourdon(Drum), Dave Ferrel(Bass), and Brad Delson(guitar). Linkin Park is the second music band which performs on Carnival Beach, Jakarta this year. The first group band which performed on this beach several months ago is “Helloween”. For about one and a half hour Linkin Park console their fans with 18 songs. After three songs like “Don’t Stay”, “Somewhere I Belongs” and “In the End”, they continue the show with some songs that are familiar with their fans. “Hallo, Jakarta! Please don’t make a disturbance or riot during the concert. Just relax and enjoy this show” said Chester before he continues the show.

Unlike their three senior group bands (P.O.D., Limbizkit and Korn) there are no explicit words on their lyrics. Linkin Park inclined to shows about emotional, daily life, frustration or highly optimistic words on their lyrics. But if we look at Korn or Limbizkit lyrics, they inclined to show about sexual abuse, explicit words, and depression.

This concert also proves to the outside world that Indonesia is still safe for the same live concert like Linkin Park Promotional concert. Perhaps Missy Elliot was afraid to come to this country because of the travel warning by USA government. And still there’re some rumor of the huge riots will occurs during the election next month.

No riot or injured audience during this show. But there’re some unique expressions of the audience during the show. For example a girl at front festival class, who take off her bra while enjoying the show. She feels hot and then takes off her bra… But thank to God she didn’t throw her bra to Mike Shinoda or Chester at that time…
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

06.13.04 (4:49 am)   [edit]
Linkin Park will be going overseas before their Projekt Revolution summer tour for a couple of festivals in Europe and Asia. and their next destination is Carnival Beach, Ancol, Jakarta.

Linkin Park's tickets are sold Rp 200,000 for the back festival area and Rp 300,000 for front festival class. But a week prior to the concert, the organizer will charge an extra Rp 50,000 for the back festival area. Tonight(13th June, 2004) their concert with a crowd of about 40,000, which rocking Carnival Beach, Jakarta is in progress...

btw, I put some of LinkinPark history here... LinkinPark is the current American invasion of 'nu metal'. High school friends Mike Shinoda , Brad Delson and Rob Bourdon formed the band after their graduation. DJ Joseph Hahn, whom Shinoda had met on a course at the Pasadena Art Center, was the next addition to the band. Finally added to the band was vocalist Chester Bennington.

I also put here a link to an interesting interview with Mr. Hahn in Jakarta....

[b][url=]MR. HAHN INTERVIEW IN JAKARTA[/url] [/b]

I promise I'll tell you about the concert tomorow... And I'll try to get their concert pictures and post them here. because I'm one of Linkin Park Fans in Asia.... :D

06.11.04 (4:25 am)   [edit]
Actually, this is my favourite Mini System.. [url=][b]Nakamichi SoundSpace 5[/b][/url] ... but.. I want to sell it now.... I sell it for only US$200. -
You can compare the price 1st on the web.... This is an awsome mini system....

[b][url=]NAKAMICHI SOUNDSPACE 5[/url] [/b]
3-disc cd changer
AM/FM radio with presets (20 FM / 10 AM)
2 line inputs, 1 recording output
1 optical digital output
2 satellite speakers
Separate subwoofer available
Silver Finish

Just contact me if you're interested.... see you guys.... I want to study now... prepare for the exam.... :roll:

06.11.04 (4:02 am)   [edit]
About the problem in my college, there is a good news came from the dean yesterday. The good news is that I'm allowed to do the exam next week. Hmm... Tonight, I'll not sleep. I want to study hard. Since few days ago I was study to prepare for the exam. Please your backup prayer so I can pass the exam with good mark. Hey, I need a liltle bit luck nowadays.

Btw, I want to buy this gadget... [url=]Motorola C650[/url] ... This gadget has a VGA camera with 4 times digital zoom, 65k color screen, MIDI and MP3 ringtones, GPRS class 10, Video playback with MP4 format...

But in order to get that new gadget.. I need to sell some of my stuff
:cry: ....
Talk 2 u later guys...

06.08.04 (8:16 am)   [edit]
Do u want to know your name in Chinese? Here you are.... You can hit the link below and fill your name there... and then tell me your name in Chinese...

[b][url=]GET A CHINESE NAME[/url] [/b]

Hav fun... Chinese name has its own meanings.... :P :P :P :P

06.07.04 (8:35 am)   [edit]
There is no water(AGAIN!!!!!) in my dorm... so I get into my friend' s house to take a shower there...
My friend's house is located near a valley... It's sooo cold there... but I'll be snooring tonight at my friend's room... :roll:

Its sucks to lived in the dorm without water... In the future, I'll built a great dorm near uni with a swimming pool..... Its a good way to invest money right? I just sleep everyday, and get paid everymonths....

About my problem at the college... ahhh, I still need to talk to the dean... see you 2morrow guys..! :wink:

06.04.04 (5:53 am)   [edit]
Today, I feel numb. I dunno what to do... everything is wrong.. all things..... I went to my college this morning and the lecture said that I'll not allowed to do the English grammar exam this term because of several reasons....

F**k... this college is too much laws. They wants to be the best university in this town.... so they apply so many laws.... Tomorrow, I'll meet the dean to talk about my exam... Pray 4 me okay, because I dun want to fail in this term.... See you tomorrow guys...! :D :D

06.03.04 (10:24 am)   [edit]
I'll show u some pictures from May, 1998 riots in Indonesia. On that time, my house was surrounded by people who wants to kill us, burn us alive. Thanks to God, He saved us....

That's why I don't like this country. The people here so stupid. Because of their poverty and don't have morals, Just for a free lunch, they can do something cruel and uncivilize such as killing people and abuse/rape women... Media always tells wrong. They said about the beauty of Indonesia and the kindness of people here.... but it's all [b]BULL SHIT[/b]..!!! :evil: :evil:

[b][url=]MAY 1998 RIOT IN INDONESIA[/url] [/b]

Original Casio Quartz Type DBX 112 A
06.03.04 (9:31 am)   [edit]
My friend needs some additional money these days. He wants to go to Taiwan on the coming Christmas Holiday. He sells his Original Casio Quart watch, IBM ThinkPad type 600X Pentium III 500Mhz notebook and all his USA Original CD collections to earn some additional money.

This Saturday, his girlfriend who’re Taiwanese, will go home to her hometown. She has graduated her high school in this town. I see that he’s so sad about her girlfriend. What do you feel if someone who you love so much moves to another country so you can’t see her again? That’s what he feels now.

He sells his “[url=][b]Original Casio Quartz Type DBX 112 A[/b][/url] ” through this blog. So if you want to help him, you can buy his watch. Just click on the link above and you can see its picture. The price is only US$ 59. – OR Rp. 500.000. - So cheap…! For those who interested with this stuff, you can simply send your e-mail to

After you send your request by e-mail, I’ll give you some information about bank transfer payment and FedEx delivery.

Thanks guys…!

PS: Casio Quartz DBX - 112 A is a Dot-Matrix Data Bank, Calc, c. 1985......

06.01.04 (5:17 am)   [edit]
If you have a girlfriend from [url=]Caroline Islands[/url], go check her genital.... Maybe she has piercings on her genital. At least, I know this fact from an article which said "Women of the Caroline Islands were also said to wear labia piercings. For them however, it was to give themselves pleasure from the way they looked at felt".

This is a kind of adrenalin body piercings. Women who wants to have body piercing on her genital must have enough adrenalin to make it real. For those who wants to know more informations about Female Body Piercings... you can visit this link below......


It's contains some informations about types of genital piercings and healing time....

Well, I want to meet some girls who has piercings on her clit.... Anyone here? Just call me and show it to me... hahaha... :P :P :P :P

06.01.04 (4:33 am)   [edit]
Today, I play loud music in my dorm with volume sets to maximum. Blast the speakers. I really bored with some stupid people in my dorm who thinks that they’re smart but actually they’re so stupid. [b]They’re younger than me, clueless, empty minded, negative thinkers, very fast in making decision but all their decisions are always wrong. [/b]I used to play pool with these people and I got nothing from them. They’re so stupid so I always win in pool table. I really confused, why these people can live happily with their stupidity? Well, they can’t accept their stupidity so they’ll remain stupid for the rest of their life. [b]They are masturbating in the bathroom without clean their sperm,..... dOOH...!!! :( and then, spitting in the bathup, Keep the front door open if they’re leaving dorm at night, disturbing the servants in my dorm, very talkative with empty words(it explained their mind are empty too). Did you know hat they do if they’re lay pool with me? They’re use billiard stick as a measure tool before they hit the balls... So weird! [/b]

I’m also stupid in some subjects for example in spoken English. But I try to learn more so I’ll better in speaking English. And it doesn’t mean that I’m stupid in general. Honestly I hate learning English Culture. [b]I was in a wrong faculty with a wrong interest. [/b]After I graduate this year, perhaps I’ll be in my father office to continue his job. And it doesn’t have any connections with English Literature. Then I try to develop my knowledge in business by reading many businesses and marketing books. Maybe you think that I’m so selfish? But wait…! Have you heard a phrase which tells: [b]“Birds of a feather flock together”? [/b]If I play with stupid people and then I’ll be stupid like them but if I play with some smart guys and then I’ll grow smart like them, am I right? So I play with those who speak English more fluently like people from International School and go to English church.

And I don’t want to play with stupid guys in my dorm. Watch out friends! If you play with your stupid guys, you’ll be stupid like them. If you lived in a society that always have negative thinking… You’ll be always having a negative thinking in your life… [b]It’s very dangerous…!!! [/b]So the main idea of my post today is “beware of your negative thinkers’ society”…!!!! Negative thinkers around you!!! Stupid human around you!!!

06.01.04 (4:28 am)   [edit]
Can u imagine a young boy like me [b]had an eye surgery a year ago? [/b]Why this could be happen in me? If I tell u the story you’ll surprised then. I was study in a public high school. Students there [b]can’t [/b]accept Chinese students who study in their public school. They are racist and ignore Chinese students. I was one of a victim of their brutality. [b]They were always hit me and hit me almost everyday. [/b]My father can’t transfer me to a better school or Christian School because my family has a financial problem at that time. Christian Schools are more expensive than public schools. [b]I’m so glad I can study although I’m study in hell!!![/b] Can you imagine, I was study in a place where people there ignore me and [b]several times punch my head or shoulder or my stomach and were occurs in three years term!!! My eyes become damage. [/b]I used to wear thick glasses until I had eye surgery a year ago. It’s also [b]disturbed my mental characters. [/b]Because of I wear thick glasses[b]; I try to stay away from others. Many people also ignore me because they’re thinking that I’m weird[/b] with my thick glasses. [b]I feel shy to go hangout, talk with my friends and moreover shy to go to church! [/b] People were always staring at me because they feel weird when they saw my glasses. [b]And then I become childish. My friend told me that although I’m a twenty four years old boy but actually I still like fifteen years old boy.[/b] Pity!

Now, after my eye cured by the surgery, [b]I try to do something which I could do before, to socialize confidently with others... grow up and get mature normally... accept my weakness and do better things in the future... I’m leaving my bad past memories and my nightmares... It's hard to forget all my bad past life.... so hard to forget all people who has thread me badly....[/b]

05.30.04 (8:53 am)   [edit]
Find your name in Japanese...... Just click here, type your name there... and then follow the instructions....

[url=][b]JAPANESE NAME GENERATOR[/b][/url]

This is my name in Japanese....!!! :P

My Japanese name is Hachemon Sekigawa.
Take The Kawaii Japanese Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

05.27.04 (4:26 am)   [edit]
hey hey... do u like the contents of my blog? If u dont like.. maybe I'll put some nude pictures here.... So u'll enjoy my blog as if u're in heaven.. hahahaha :D

If my blog is too serious for u... it's okay.. but thx to u guys who always visit my blog...... I gratefully thx for u... and today I've 2100 visitors since I first publish this blog.... Thx u people..!!! :D

05.26.04 (8:45 am)   [edit]
I've new Handphone today... It's Sony Ericsson T230 with camera... My dad give this as a gift... :D I can take picture everywhere now.... Yipie....!!! :D Im so happy.......

05.24.04 (6:40 am)   [edit]
What do you think? If you meet a person who have an ability to know what you're thinking and what do you feel. Do you think this person is weird? I've met this kind of person couple days ago. He is a congregation of a local church and very religious person. In Christianity, there is a movement that God's spiritual gifts are important. It's called Charismatic movement.

[b]The charismatic movement is an informal international and transdenominational fellowship of Christians who believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit described by St. Paul in I Cor. 12:4 - 11 and Gal. 5:22 - 23 are manifested in these times. The movement works in harmony with the established Christian churches and has been approved by the authorities of many denominations - Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox.[/b]

I'm not say that Charismatic movement is wrong but many people who has been given by God some gifts or abilities, they're wrongly use their abilities. I've an experience about this kind of person.

When I met this person, He speak as if he knows everything about me... he speak in [url=]tongues[/url]
If you don't know about "speaking in tongues". It's like someone who are drunk. But in this case, he "drunk" in Holy Spirit. After he speak in tongues, he try to translate it to me.... wow! can u imagine that?

He thinks that he's serving God but for me he's goddamn stupid. Actualy he knows nothing about me, althought he was driven by The Holy Spirit...
He is a wrong person in a wrong time....